Woodchurch.net is a privately funded project to provide high speed internet connections to the village of Woodchurch, Kent.

The village is currently supplied by a Market 1 exchange (a BT exchange through which BT Wholesale is the only provider of broadband) which provides a maximum of 8Mbps over standard ADSL connections.

The village is on the Kent County Council maps for provision of broadband under BDUK funding, which (according to the maps KCC make publicly available) is scheduled for activation for June 2014.  However at the time of writing (Sept 2014), this is not yet active, and no visible works have been started.

It is also unclear as to how much of Woodchurch and the areas supplied by its telephone exchange will be covered by the BDUK network – just the heard of the village, or outlying regions as well..

With this in mind, Woodchurch.net is determined to bring a high speed connection to the residents and businesses.